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Most Popular Skin Services


Acne Bootcamp

Before starting our Acne bootcamp it is required to book a consultation plus test. This is to determine your skin type, Tolerance (Skin sensitivity), Give you recommendations for the products and facial spa treatments to get your skin clear.


In this visit, an acne specialist will go over aggravating acne factors such as food, cosmetics, medication, supplements and lifestyle. You will also receive a packet with all this information and your instructions for the first 2 weeks of the program.


NOTE: This program is a 12 week commitment that requires you to receive professional treatments bi-weekly. Visits will vary from enzyme treatments, chemical peels, extractions and/or LED light therapy. For this bi-weekly visits we offer packages or you can opt to pay per individual session.

*Long distance? We also offer Virtual Acne bootcamps

1 Hour Consultation


Custom Basic Facial

This facial is designed for sensitive skin.

We start by a Soothing Cleanse and Steam, followed by a gentle exfoliation, extractions, Massage and hydrating mask.

*Best for clients with sensitive skin, on skin sensitizing medications or treatments.

Starts at


Custom Deluxe Facial

A step up from our Custom basic facial. Includes: Cleanse, Enzyme peel and ultrasonic exfoliation, steam, extractions, massage, serums and hydrojelly mask. * Enzymes dissolve dead skin cells and Hydrojelly masks are customized and full of electrolytes to deeply hydrate the skin. Perfect for new clients.

1 hour


Custom Platinum Facial

Advanced facial with the addition of Microdermabrasion or Dermaplaning. Cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, steam, extractions, massage, serum and hydro jelly mask.

1 hour


Organic Green Peel

This is a unique peel that reduces fine lines and scarring, heals acne and inflammation, and targets hyperpigmentation. The Algae peel uses spicules sourced from the pristine freshwater lakes of the Ukraine.  Each spicule contains a host of minerals, including Zinc and Copper, both of which are beneficial for those with acne, or those looking for an effective anti-aging treatment. *Redness 24-48 hours post peel and Skin shedding. Includes (5) gel packettes to be used after the treatment. Warning: Not for clients with Seafood/ Algae allergies or sensitive skin.

Starts at


Chemical Peel

This Chemical peel will leave your skin glowing while getting rid of dead skin cells, impurities, acne and dark spots. Using serums and boosters this peel will be customized to meet your skin care needs for better results. *Series recommended. *Visible peeling varies per person. *Appointment cannot be combines with any Facial waxing and/or facial. -Clients must be using the recommended regimen from us or purchase the Post peel kit ($39) in order to receive the service.

Starts at


For a list of ALL of our
services visit our Booking page.

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